Technical Illustration

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We create technical illustration visuals for print, video, web and social media.

Technical illustrations emphasize accuracy. These illustrations are used to tell the story of how an object is shown in pieces to indicate assembly process (“exploded”). Technical illustration can be realistic (3D) or abstract (Isometric). We have created technical illustrations for over 20 years. We are thorough and accurate.



Technical illustration is more than just outlining a product, consult an expert to see what a difference an experienced technical illustrator can make on your next project.

Isometric Illustration

Isometric illustrations show the top, front and side of an object which creates the illusion of perspective without narrowing toward a vanishing point. This allows objects to be re-arranged within the drawing’s environment while maintaining scale and line-weight between them.

An isometric illustration is used when the vertical and horizontal lines confirm to a 30 degree angle. This type of illustration is used when perspective isn’t necessary.

If you have a project requiring isometric illustration, please contact us.